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Salesforce: What Is It And How It Can Be Useful?

For any business, customers are the most valuable and biggest asset. They are the reason your firm has a goal and purpose. They bring revenue and are the ultimate factor that decides the company’s success. But for this, you need to have a great relationship with them. You must know about them and work harder to make their experience better.


And this is why we need CRM platforms like SalesForce.  Amongst various things, Salesforce software for customer relation is its high point. Let’s talk about SalesForce some more.

What Salesforce Exactly is?

Founded in March 1999, Salesforce is a cloud computing company whose main goal is to provide software solutions.  It also provides a Salesforce software development platform for various users/developers, and a way to distribute these custom software. It is fast, easy, and effective and provides the quickest path from an idea to salesforce app development. It is unique and since it is in the cloud, it can be accessed from anywhere that has a decent net connection.

It is affordable even for small startups and as your company evolves, and in case it needs changes the salesforce software changes too.

SalesForce Developer provides these services:

  1. Cloud services: Sales cloud is very beneficial to the sales team of any firm as it helps in increasing the sales as data entry becomes easy. It also aids in customer support and keeps information updated.
  2. Marketing cloud: To aid the marketing team of the firm. It also personalizes email-marketing, engagement with mobile messaging and much more.
  3. Chatter: A salesforce app which connects the employees with each other and other services.
  4. com: Platform as a service (PaaS) is a Salesforce app development service that is used for building your own app. With this, creating and selling the app on AppExchange is a very easy and profiting job.
  5. Salesforce community cloud: connects employees and customers and partners. It opens up a communication channel amongst them. It includes features like a Lightning bolt, case escalation and much more.
  6. Salesforce Ecommerce cloud: it unifies the way a business communicates with its consumers. It helps in launching new sites, bring stores online, integrate partner technology etc.
  7. Salesforce analytics cloud: is a business intelligence platform that lets the organization answer questions and make data-driven decisions.
  8. Salesforce App cloud: is a collection of Salesforce development tools that help to make apps quickly and easily and run them on its platform.

What can we develop using SalesForce?

  • With the help of Salesforce software development of email templates, user interfaces for smartphone devices, websites, and your Personal and office computers can be built quickly and easily.
  • Through Salesforce app development, it becomes easy to create an app and sell it on AppExchange that is a Salesforce platform. Also, the process involved is fairly speedy as compared to other platforms.
  • Salesforce software can help generate PFDs for the data that has been stored in the cloud.
  • It lets you develop, create and design eye-catching page-layouts without using too much of your mouse.
  • For your application, the Salesforce developer can create customized and standardize tabs.
  • You can also develop reports and data, and customize it using visuals in custom made dashboards.
  • It lets you replace traditional spreadsheets with powerful database app by developing them.
  • It helps develop a more intimate relationship between you and your customers by gaining more information about them which helps to serve them better.
  • It develops better communication channels between you and your customer. This is done through accessing all the information about them and their purchases whenever they call you, thus not wasting their valuable time.
  • It develops the best CRM solution to take care of daily tasks so that employees are not burdened by them and they focus on bigger projects.

Well, I hope that the above information cleared any doubts you had about what Salesforce is and what can it develop. It is the top CRM platform available and many companies whether big or small are using it. So, if you are still not using this technology, it is time to jump in because it has been proven that companies that use Salesforce software and its cloud technology achieve success quickly.




Founded in 2008, Endive Software is a steadily growing company with a global network of solution experts and architects. We are an award winning IT Services company based out of Sarasota, Florida (USA). Our area of expertise includes Web Development, Mobile Development, Web Design, and Salesforce Integration and Development services. Over the years, we have been a reliable business partner for our clients, delivering credible solutions exceeding the clients' expectations.

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