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11 Key Tools You Need For iPhone App Development

Recently, there has been an increase in the percentage of people who want to learn IOS development, the reason behind this is the boom in the iPhone app development services and iPhone app development companies that are looking for a competent developer.

11 Key Tools You Need For iPhone App Development

Obviously, every company will make you learn its process, but it just provide you some basic knowledge about it. Thus in this article we are talking about the things you need for iPhone app development.

IPhone app developers hire only the best, thus it is crucial to have some knowledge about this. So, here are the steps you need to follow for iPhone app development:


Firstly, you need a well-crafted idea. Having an idea and putting it into action is different. Research the market and target audience to know whether people need the kind of app you are coming with. Also, it helps to surf the app store to check out the other similar app to get the hang of their reviews and feedbacks. This will let you know what is working for them and what isn’t?

Buy a Mac

Having a Mac is the basic need for an iPhone app developer. For an iPhone app development, having a Mac with an Intel-based processor that runs on Mac OS version 10.8 or above is an absolute must. This is the basic requirement, and you can get this in Mac mini which is affordable and a good option for iPhone app development services. If your budget allows you to buy a higher model with more processing power, then go for it.

Register for an iPhone app developer account

Go to Apple’s developer website here you will find a pretty easy procedure for registering yourself as an iPhone app developer.  You will be required to give your Apple ID and personal details. You can use the same id that you use for your iTunes account. The registration is free, but necessary for an iPhone app developer. This will give you the access to download Code and access documentation of IOS SDK and videos.

Download Xcode

Xcode is the only tool you need for iPhone application development as it has everything required for this purpose. It is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) provided by Apple that includes IOS software development Kit (SDK), build in source code editor and debugging tools amongst others.  It also has a simulator so that you can test your app without actually having the device.  To download this app, go to Mac app store and simply search for Xcode and install it.

IOS developer Program

This is an optional step, but without enrolling in this programme you can’t test the app on the physical device, meaning you can’t sell it on the app store. Xcode has many features, but it also lacks in some departments, like it doesn’t have a camera. So if you develop a camera app, you will have to enroll in this program.

Swift language

You can code the app in any language you prefer like C, but Apple has developed its own language Swift especially for Macs and IOS. It is easier to use and work with and is similar to objective –C.

So, for first-time developers, this is where you start. Learn this language and it will be easy for you to develop the app.

Apple’s development Videos

From WWDC, a lot of videos are being uploaded by Apple so that you can learn about industry tricks and tools.

Design using templates

You can even use the templates provided in Xcode SDK or download another SDK for designing the app.

Design the app

Once you have the basic knowledge of the language swift or objective –C, you can start coding the app. Take screenshots or make notes from time to time so that you can review it later in case of changes.

Test the app

Now test the working of the app in the simulator that comes with Xcode. Fix as many bugs as you can that you can find and check for any other ways the app can be used.

Submit for approval

Now, submit the app for approval in the app store. This will take time so be patient.

This is a general idea that will help you get started, but the most important thing you should do is review the guidelines of Apple about its designing and apps policy. As an iPhone app developer, you must know what types of app Apple doesn’t approve. Also, getting familiar with the design of the interface will make your work easy.



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