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Which Company In India Is Best For E-Learning App Development?

Mobile application is very helpful for the teens or youngsters when it comes to the education. Mobile apps for e-learning are really doing a good job for the students, making the learning process easier and fun. Moreover, in the recent time, the school students are using a smartphone instead of Geometry Box. It seems like the apps become the need of everyone’s life. Furthermore, there are several e-learning app development companies that have set their feet in the highly competitive e-learning market, while the others are striving to make their position among them.

e-learning app development

There are a bunch of e-learning app development companies in the country, but here we are going to discuss about the best company who deals widely in making result-oriented e-learning app for the students.

Endive Software

Endive, a name which is known for its quality and services, is the best company for e-learning app development. The company has a team of experienced developers, creative designers and professionals, having a vast knowledge of e-learning software development technologies to deliver dynamic e-learning experiences for the students, learner and tutors. Moreover, the company follows e-learning strategies in core areas such as a mobile learning platform, gamification, localization, blended learning and others.

Features of the e-learning app that the company provides:

  1. Neat User Interface (UX/UI)

Endive uses advanced tools to make app eye-catching and user-friendly. The company has a team of creative designers that are ensured for a quality work. Every layout of an app is made carefully to boost user experience. Furthermore, a decent dashboard with standard contents is used to meet learning challenges, whereas the inner pages are dynamic to easy access.

  1. Advanced learning methods

The company uses advanced learning platforms such as learning management system, digital learning platforms and e-learning content to deliver a better result. The company also follows varied terminologies to make the learning process easier and fun.

  1. Enhanced Functionality

An application with impressive functionality makes the chances to get the download from the Play Store or App Store. Endive uses enhanced functionality in e-learning application to develop quality education & e-learning solutions for education industries. In addition to this, Endive provides cloud-based solutions to the education industries to create media applications such as books, videos, etc.

  1. E-books and online study

The education organizations can get the benefits of e-books and online videos as Endive provides the facility of uploading video lectures and PDF of books. The students can get study materials through the mobile application. Apart from that the app will make you able to share the online study materials with the others.

  1. Social Learning

Using this feature, the student can clear all doubt with others through chats, forums and video conferencing. Moreover, the educational organization or institutes can share information about the result or upcoming exam date by using social platforms.



Founded in 2008, Endive Software is a steadily growing company with a global network of solution experts and architects. We are an award winning IT Services company based out of Sarasota, Florida (USA). Our area of expertise includes Web Development, Mobile Development, Web Design, and Salesforce Integration and Development services. Over the years, we have been a reliable business partner for our clients, delivering credible solutions exceeding the clients' expectations.

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